My Long Run Routine

My husband and several of my friends know how big of a nut I can be when it comes to my routine before a big run. I imagine 80% or more of it helps me mentally and the other 20% actually does help my body get through my long run in optimal condition. I envy anyone who can just roll out of bed and go.

The Night Before 

I used to limit myself to no alcohol the night before a big run, but training during the summer and running on Saturdays makes it nearly impossible not to have a few beers with friends on a Friday night. For dinner, I’ll eat just about anything I know won’t upset my stomach. This is usually pizza, pasta or a bit ol’ juicy burger. Depending on when I’m going to take off, I aim to be in bed by 10 at the latest (this Friday I went to bed around 9). I also have to lay out all my stuff… which may be weird – anyone else? My list of stuff includes:

– Shoes
– Shorts ( I only do long runs in spandex because otherwise chafing kills me)
– Shirt/Sports bra
– Socks (regular and compression)
– Hat
– SPI running belt
– Headphones
– Camelbak
– Gu/Sports Beans
– Garmin watch
– O2Gold and Catalyst supplements by Advocare (ask Ash and Celina – this stuff rocks) 

I set my alarm for 70 minutes before I want to hit the pavement (allows for a 10 minute snooze of my alarm), and hit the head hoping not to toss and turn and get a good night of rest. 

The Morning 

7:20 – Alarm goes off, I hit snooze

7:30 – Pop my O2Gold (supposed to take an hour before running) and brush my teeth, wash my face etc.

7:35 – COFFEE – essential to the success of my morning 

7:40 – Make peanut butter toast (2 slices) with banana slices on top and grab a Chobani yogurt to go with it


7:45 – Turn on HBO Go and fire up an episode of whatever I’m binge watching (right now it’s True Blood) or watch the news 

7:45 – 8:15 – Eat and watch TV waiting for the coffee to work it’s magic 

8:15 – Pop my Catalyst (take 15 minutes before running) and hit the restroom 

8:20 – Put on all my gear and watch a couple more minutes of TV

8:27 – Fire up the Garmin and find those darn satellites, pull up my Spotify playlist

8:30 – Get after it

This is what makes me happy before a big run. I’ve had to adjust based on circumstances or lack of peanut butter, but otherwise this is what you’ll catch me doing every Saturday morning of marathon training. Does anyone else have a pre-run routine?

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