My First Blog Post (Ever)

Well, before I get kicked out of The Accidental Runners I should probably blog! This is my first blog post ever, so get excited. 

I figure the best thing to do would be to introduce myself and how I got into running. It really does seem like an accident now that I think back to how it all began… 

It was 2004, and I was supposed to go to undergrad at IU or Purdue like the rest of my high school class, but I decided to go to Miami of Ohio in Oxford, OH. I’d visited a couple times and fell in love with the beautiful campus, but * full disclosure * it’s the beautiful people that motivated me to avoid the freshman 15. 

Every girl at Miami (or so it seemed) was good-looking and well-dressed. So, as weird as it sounds, that’s what motivated me to start running – I had to stay in shape if I was going to keep up with these ladies…  

So, I’d run around campus or on the treadmill before class and before long I wanted more. My mom was the first runner in our family and did the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon every year that I can remember (until her knees and hips wouldn’t let her anymore). Then, my dad started picking up the slack and running (although he’d done the mini a few times with my mom) and it was my dad who convinced me to do my first half marathon (he’d been trying for years, but those were my terrible ‘I know everything’ teenage years). 


Now, I’ve lost count of how many halves I’ve done. And once 13.1 wasn’t enough, I started getting into training for a full marathon. I’ve done the Chicago twice and the Marine Corps Marathon once (last year). My significant other (and now husband), Zach, even ran a marathon with me… that’s when I really knew he was a keeper. We’ve since done several halves and even a triathlon together. Hopefully, I’ll get him to do another full marathon with me someday!


I really look forward to seeing what Chicago 2014 brings. My personal goal is to PR and beat my Marine Corps Marathon time of 4:24:18. It should be easy to beat my other Chicago times since they were both right around 5 hours. 


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